A Complete MicroBlasting Solution

Our manual MicroBlasting system features our latest edition of the Comco MicroBlaster and our most popular workstation. This system is ideal for many reasons, but best of all, it is turnkey and suits most applications.

The AccuFlo®

A Powerful and Precise MicroBlaster

Comco’s Simoom Technology, our patented method of mixing air and abrasive, provides greater control, increased power, and wider versatility in this updated edition of our classic MicroBlaster®. In fact, this MicroBlaster is so powerful and precise, we had to give it a new name to reflect its capabilities.

The AccuFlo’s steady flow of abrasive ensures consistent results. It processes parts faster than most traditional micro-abrasive blasters, and it does so with greater powder efficiency. The AccuFlo is able to handle a wide-range of abrasives and suits most MicroBlasting applications.

The ProCenter Plus™

WorkStation and Dust Collection System in A Single Unit

The ProCenter Plus is our cleanest, quietest and most comfortable blasting center available. It combines a spacious, well-lit work chamber, air dryer and dust collector in one freestanding unit. Ergonomically designed for operator comfort, this unit is compact, mobile and convenient for any workplace. The ProCenter Plus comes equipped with HEPA filtration and can be adapted to handle static sensitive applications.

AccuFlo ProCenter Plus Package

All AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus models are CE and RoHS compliant.

AccuFlo features: clear tank cover, PowderGate valve and large capacity abrasive tank

This System Delivers an Efficient Workflow

  • Easily check powder level through AccuFlo’s clear tank cover; refill quickly with only a 3/4 turn.
  • Get a more consistent uninterrupted flow thanks to the AccuFlo’s PowderGate® valve—more responsive than the traditional pinch.
  • Reduce downtime for refills—the abrasive tank holds 50% more media.
Comco AccuFlo ProCenter Plus package: blaster and combined workstation and dust collector

This System is Comfortable and Quiet

  • ProCenter’s ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue.
  • The AccuFlo’s ComfortGrip® Handpiece grants operator greater dexterity and comfort.
  • The ProCenter features minimized air discharge and integrated silencer for quiet operation.
  • Its large work chamber features a hinged window for easy parts handling.
Comco AccuFlo ProCenter Plus features: color coded lines; maintenance counters; dust collection system

This System is Easy to Maintain


  • All wear parts are easily accessible in the open design.
  • Air lines and connectors are color-coded for easy identification.
  • Easy-to-read LCD counters track blast cycles and hours of use, providing simple milestones for maintenance.


  • Filter cleaning is a “knock.” The filter mallets allow the operator to quickly knock off spent abrasive that accumulates on the underside of the HEPA filter.
  • Convenient access for powder removal.

A Cleaner WorkStation

The ProCenter Plus features both a powerful dust collector with advanced downdraft technology and an easy-to-replace HEPA filter. Spent abrasive is swiftly evacuated from the large, well-lit chamber, keeping the work area clean. HEPA air filtration means 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 µm are removed.

We believe in leaving a place better than when we found it. So, our HEPA equipped ProCenter Plus efficiently cleans air before it is discharged back into the work area.

Comco ProCenter Plus HEPA filter

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