WorkStation for MicroBlaster

A Better Space to Work

A WorkStation is essential to any MicroBlasting application. It confines the abrasive, illuminates the work area and provides adequate airflow for dust removal. Comco offers a variety of workstations to handle everything from miniature precision components, to circuit boards, to stainless tubes up to one meter long.

ProCenter Plus™

The ProCenter Plus creates a clean, comfortable work environment with great visibility to optimize the effectiveness of your MicroBlasting application. It is the perfect complement to any of our blasters for manual or fixtured applications.

What makes the ProCenter ideal for most production environments?

  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Mobility
  • Cleanliness – HEPA filtration
  • Quiet – sound level is just 68 dba
  • Cost effective
ProCenter Plus workstation and dust collection for MicroBlasting
Clearview workstation for MicroBlasting

ClearView WorkStation

The compact and ergonomic ClearView WorkStation features large padded iris openings set at an angle. Its recessed lighting and efficient airflow design keep the interior bright and clean.

Classic WorkStation

The Classic WorkStation provides a spacious work area ideal for fixturing. Illuminated by dual 18″ fluorescent lamps, the Classic features a sloped window for maximum visibility and reduced glare. The iris access openings in the front of the unit are designed for operator comfort and easy movement within the chamber.

Custom workstation for MicroBlasting

Custom WorkStation

Need a bigger box or wider door? Comco can build a Custom WorkStation to handle your special requirememets. Comco’s Custom WorkStations provide all the superior design features of a Classic WorkStation, but in larger sizes. Custom door openings facilitate processing of large parts or large trays of smaller parts.


ESD Control

Available on the ProCenter Plus, the ESD Control option is designed for static-sensitive applications. This unit uses a flow of ionized air to dissipate the static charges that build up on the part during blasting.


A magnifier that easily attaches to any WorkStation boosts operator visibility to 2.5x magnification with a wide field of focus.

Window Shields

Window Shields extend the life of any WorkStation’s viewing window by protecting the inside of the glass from damage caused by abrasive ricochet.

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