It’s not hard to setup, but since you’d probably rather watch a video than read a manual…  We made a quick video that walks you through the unpacking process for a new MicroBlasting system.

Important Notes

  • There is no right or wrong order to set up the AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus. Just make sure everything is connected securely BEFORE turning the power on.
  • The vent hose must be routed through the pinch valve and connected to the hopper on the ProCenter Plus.
  • Cover the tube in the desiccant bowl WHEN adding desiccant.
  • Do not plug your phone charger or other equipment into the ProCenter Plus. You can easily blow a fuse in the unit.
  • Refer to the manuals here.

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Our Support Page features information about troubleshooting and maintaining your equipment.

Still Looking for a MicroBlasting System?

What makes this system ideal for manual applications?

  • Comfortable: Features ergonomic design to ease long hours of blasting
  • Flexible: Flows a wide range of media
  • Consistent: Patented modulated abrasive feed
  • User-friendly: Easy to use, easy to set-up, and easy to maintain
  • Mobile: Has wheels and fits through most doorways
  • Clean: Uses HEPA filtration
  • Quiet: Sound level is just 68 dBA
  • Cost-effective: Our best deal for a turnkey solution

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