So Your Manual System was Delivered?

Do you have an AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus fresh off the sleigh? Then, you’re in luck! We made a quick video that walks you through the unpacking process a new manual MicroBlasting system. It’s a busy time of year. You have projects to wrap up, travel to plan, a tacky sweater contest to win. Hopefully this guide will lighten your schedule.

Already Blasting?

If your AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus are already in use, but your shop floor is covered in abrasive, you may want to watch this.

Important Notes

  • Your system arrives configured with the appropriate nozzle, bypass tube, and tank orifice for your application. To change the configuration, contact one of our Tech Support specialists at 800-796-6626 or techsupport@comcoinc.com.
  • There is no right or wrong order to unpacking and connecting equipment. Just make sure everything is connected and ready to go before powering up your system.
  • The vent hose must be routed through the pinch valve and connected to the hopper on the ProCenter Plus before turning the system ON. Otherwise, you may spray abrasive around your shop.
  • Cover the hole at the top of the Air Dryer tube BEFORE pouring desiccant into the bowl.
  • Do not plug your phone charger or other equipment into the ProCenter Plus. You can easily blow a fuse in the unit.
  • Read the manuals first. Already lost the manuals? You can access them here.

Bookmark This!

Our Support Page features information about troubleshooting and maintaining your equipment.

Still Looking for a MicroBlasting System?

Did you stumble onto this page while looking for a solution? The AccuFlo® and ProCenter Plus™ have quickly become the go-to manual MicroBlasting system for most our customers. Together, they form a complete turnkey solution that suits most applications.

The AccuFlo® is our latest MicroBlaster. Evolving out of 50 years of MicroBlaster design and development, the AccuFlo is faster, delivers a more consistent abrasive feed, and features a more responsive pinch mechanism than its predecessors.

The ProCenter Plus™ is a combination workstation and dust collection system housed in a single freestanding unit.

What makes this system ideal for most manual applications?

  • Comfortable: Features ergonomic design to ease long hours of blasting
  • Flexible: Flows a wide range of media
  • Consistent: Patented modulated abrasive feed
  • User-friendly: Easy to use, easy to set-up, and easy to maintain
  • Mobile: Has wheels and fits through most doorways
  • Clean: Uses HEPA filtration
  • Quiet: Sound level is just 68 dBA
  • Cost-effective: Our best deal for a turnkey solution

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