Burbank, CA – Comco Inc., the industry leader in the manufacture of micro-abrasive blasters was featured in the May 2007 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine. The article, entitled “It’s a Blast”, focused on how MicroBlasting is used by the medical manufacturing industry to finish implantable parts.

Cutting Tool Engineering’s editor, Alan Richter, spoke with Pat Byrne, Marketing Manager at Comco along with representatives from the medical manufacturing industry. Pat explained in the article how “for just about any type of machining that leaves a burr or leaves a finish that isn’t what manufacturers want on the finished product, they’ll use micro-abrasive blasting.” In the medical industry, this includes the manufacture of bone screws where MicroBlasting is used to remove burrs and create a satiny finish and stents where it is used to remove burrs, oxide layers, and pulse marks.

Article- It's a Blast in Cutting Tool Engineering