We’ve made a big update to one of our Automated Systems!

One of our favorite customization options is the serializer for our Advanced Lathe. This modification has long been used to engrave serial numbers on delicate ring laser gyro lenses without chipping or masking.

For our most recent serializers, our engineers have elevated the process by completely redesigning the powdergate.

To see how they did it, and determine if your project could benefit from the serializer, check out the video below!

Blast Parameters And Results

Abrasive: 50µ aluminum oxide

Nozzle: 0.010″

Tank Orifice: 0.025″

Nozzle Distance: 0.04″

Dig Deeper

Uniform channels in hydrodynamic seal -results of sample test

Etching Channels to Create an Air Bearing or a Hydrodynamic Seal

To improve reliability and fuel efficiency specifically on jet engines, shallow channels are incorporated into the design in which air flows rather than traditional lubricants. The technical challenge is how to create these channels.  Continue reading 
Nozzle distance (L-R): 0.005″ / 0.025″ / 0.05″ / 0.25″ / 0.5″ and 1″. Each bore blasted for 2 minutes.

How Far Should I Hold the Nozzle from the Targeted Part?

Before I dive further into the variables that impact this decision, let’s define “spot size.” Continue reading →
Collage of wafer cutting, a hydrodynamic seal, and lens engraving. Text: 5 Important Variables for Abrasive Jet Machining

5 Important Variables for Abrasive Jet Machining

Using MicroBlasting to cut or etch a part is a great method to machine many precision parts, from drilling holes in ceramic substrates to cutting slots in fragile silicon and glass wafers.  Continue reading 
JetCenter twist wrist follows the contours of the pacemaker and remove excess encapsulation material from pacemaker.

From Customization to Standard Feature

How do our engineers come up with new features for our automated systems? We get ideas from you! . Continue reading →
Colin Weightman, Director of Technology

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