Troubleshooting and Maintenance

A selection of micro-lessons from our blog to help you keep your Comco MicroBlasting system running smoothly. Our Support page features more in-depth troubleshooting guidance and is organized by equipment name. To locate specific component manuals, please visit our Equipment Manuals page.

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Understanding Modulator Wear and Repair

The modulator is the heart of your system; the engine running the machine; the thing that turns your blaster from a simple dirt-chucker to a sophisticated surface-refinement tool. Learn more about this essential component to any Comco blaster, how to spot modulator wear, and how to replace it. Continue reading

Fight the Urge to Pedal Pump

Pedal pumping, or pumping the footswitch, on an AccuFlo or MicroBlaster damages key blaster components. Pedal pumping also wastes abrasive and leads to results that are hard to repeat. Learn why pedal pumping starts and how to stop. Continue reading

Before Recycling Abrasive…Read This.

Recycling abrasive is hazardous to your blaster and your efficiency. Spent abrasive may look as good as the fresh stuff, but it cannot yield the same results. Learn why, how particles break down, what contaminants hide in your hopper, and the critical detail your job shop may miss. Continue reading

Should You “Go Up to 11?”

Increasing the blast pressure may produce desired results faster, or it may turn that beautiful matte finish into a cratered moon surface. Here’s what you need to know before you crank that pressure all the way up. Continue reading

Using Sodium Bicarbonate? Read This.

Sodium bicarbonate is the go-to abrasive, especially against delicate parts. The only drawback is that it is likely to build up over time inside a blaster. Here is a quick upkeep guide to keep your blaster in excellent shape. Continue reading

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