What’s the Modulator and Why is it Important?

Do you know what sets a Comco micro-precision sandblaster apart from others? In short, It’s our modulator. This pulsing heart of our system transforms the technology from a dirt sprayer into a precision tool. 

Think of it like…

  • A spray-paint can: If the spray nozzle clogs or if the paint-can lacks a solid spraying mechanism, the targeted canvas surface may end up with blotches of paint. Comco’s modulated feed produces a steady mixture of air and abrasive that prohibits clogs, clumping, bursts of abrasive, sparse mixtures, etc. The steady stream of abrasive produces a uniform and repeatable surface finish.
  • A salt shaker:  the technology of other blasters relies on a series of components that is similar to a salt shaker. They shake abrasive out into the air stream, and that means an unreliable amount of abrasive exits the nozzle. Comco’s blasters feature a modulator that pulses consistently, pulling the same amount of abrasive particles into the abrasive stream with every pulse.

Watch our quick video to understand how it works:

The AccuFlo’s Modulator Lasts Longer

All Comco micro-precision sandblasters feature this key component; however, the AccuFlo®, our latest edition in the MicroBlaster® line, features a stronger, more durable version. This improved modulator delivers a stronger pulse of air into the mixing chamber, fluidizing the abrasive better. The AccuFlo’s modulator lasts up to 5,000 hours of operation, whereas a modulator on a Classic MicroBlaster lasts around 2,000 blast hours.

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The AccuFlo

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