Equipment Design and Development

A selection of micro-lessons from our blog that focus on advances in MicroBlasting tools and technology, including the design and development of the latest equipment and accessories to help you blast better.

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Setting Up Your New AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus

The AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus are easy to set-up. Watch Santa’s helpers walk through unpacking and connecting our manual MicroBlasting system from delivery to the first blast. Then, learn how to prepare for holidays, winter and other extended shutdowns.

AutoFill Makes Refills Quick, Clean and Automatic

Ever forget to fill your abrasive tank? Run out mid-blast? Spill abrasive during a refill? When you blast long hours, abrasive refills can become a comedy of errors. AutoFill senses when your abrasive tank is low and automatically refills it so you can stay focused on your blasting. Learn more about this smart add-on in this month’s post.

The JetCenter: the New Lathe on the Block

See the Twist Wrist, Spin Wrist and Flipper Gripper inside the all-new JetCenter, an expansion of our proven automated MicroBlasting platform. Ideal for large parts, trays of parts or processing multiple parts simultaneously.

ProCenter Upkeep in 5 Easy Steps

Have a ProCenter Plus? Upkeep is easy. Follow these 5 steps to extend the life and wellbeing of this integrated workstation from Comco.

Nozzle Fixturing: A Quick Prep

A glimpse at nozzle fixturing options and the benefits of using Comco Hi/Performance AccuFlo-style nozzles and Quicknuts.

MicroBlaster or AccuFlo – How Do You Choose?

The AccuFlo® is the latest edition of our classic MicroBlaster®. It’s stronger, faster, more consistent and more powerful than previous editions. Learn what we kept and what we improved in this new design.

Static Sensitive Application?

The ProCenter Plus CTR201 workstation and dust collection system provides ESD control for conformal coating removal (CCR) and your static sensitive application.

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