Process Fundamentals

A selection of micro-lessons from our blog that focus on the process fundamentals of MicroBlasting. Learn how to set blast pressure, establish nozzle distance, identify spot size, and dial-in your blasting process to get a consistent and repeatable surface finish.

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The Missing Measurements of Deburring

Are old burrs suddenly appearing again? Are new burrs appearing in a different location on your part? Need to choose a deburring method? Chances are, you’re missing a measurement. This month, deburring expert and author, LaRoux Gillespie, takes us back to Deburring 101 with a quick lesson on how to handle burrs. Continue reading

Need to Improve Bond Strength?

Ra or Sa alone cannot predict bond strength in all applications. Epoxied surfaces, in particular, require a more comprehensive specification. To get repeatable results in pull and peel tests, incorporate a high developed surface ratio (Sdr) and require full coverage. Continue reading

Have You Considered Pumice?

Pumice is a gentle but tough cutting abrasive. It works best in applications where softer abrasives come up short and aggressive cutting abrasives are too aggressive. Learn more about this often overlooked media. Continue reading

MicroBlasting 101 in Design for Advanced Manufacturing

Edited by LaRoux Gillespie, and published by McGraw-Hill Ed, Inc. This comprehensive resource provides thorough explanations of the entire range of advanced manufacturing processes and technologies as well as practical instructions and technical guidance. A great addition to your engineering or manufacturing library.
Continue reading

Should You “Go Up to 11?”

Increasing the blast pressure may produce desired results faster, or it may turn that beautiful matte finish into a cratered moon surface. Here’s what you need to know before you crank that pressure all the way up. Continue reading

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