Blast pressure determines the velocity of the abrasive exiting the nozzle. Set it too low and it may make blasting unnecessarily slow or completely ineffective. Set it too high, and you risk damaging the part.

Depending on the type of application, you might blast from as low as 15 PSI up to as high as 125 PSI.  How do you know where to start?  Learn how in this video MicroLesson in MicroBlasting.

Particle Velocity v. Pressure

Blast pressure is related to velocity. Though not linear, higher blast pressures result in faster particle speeds. The relationship is affected by particle size, mass and shape.

Particle Velocity v. Distance

As abrasive exits the nozzle it continues to accelerate.

In fixtured applications, pressure can be used to normalize velocity over varying nozzle distances.

Pressure ≠ Abrasive Flow

Increasing blast pressure will not increase abrasive flow.

Abrasive flow is the amount of abrasive media relative to the volume of air. If you need a richer abrasive stream, change the orifice in the abrasive tank.

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Blast pressure dial; air pressure dial on Comco AccuFlo.

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