A list of Frequently Asked Questions and potential solutions are loosely organized below. Click the question to see its answer in the drop-down box. Please use this as a starting point to perform simple maintenance on your own and better understand your air dryer.

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How do I obtain a copy of the equipment manual?

Here are links to the manuals:

You can find more equipment manuals on the equipment manual page. If you need further assistance, please call 1-818-841-5500 or contact our Technical Support Team using the contact form below.

Why do I need an oil filter?

Micro-abrasive blasting requires clean, dry air to work effectively. Oil contamination causes clumps and clogs in the abrasive flow above the orifice or in the nozzle.

Proper protection from oil is especially critical for MicroBlasters connected to a shop’s compressed air line. Oil is often added to the air line for pneumatic instrument lubrication. Unfortunately, older piston compressors tend to have leaky O-rings, dropping oil into the air stream. We recommend installing an oil pre-filter to prevent these issues.

For more information on oil contamination, read our Tech Bulletin: Oil Contamination and MicroBlasting Systems

How do I prevent moisture contamination in the powder?
  • Store powder properly—always make sure bottles are tightly closed when not in use.
  • Keep powder in a cool dry location with minimum temperature fluctuations.
  • Do not leave powder in your tank for extended periods of time.  Keep your air supply dry.

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Also read our Tech Bulletin: Moisture Issues–The Importance of Clean, Dry Air.

How do I know when it is time to change the desiccant in my AD5100 desiccant air dryer?
Saturated desiccant turned green and ready for replacement - air dryer maintenance

Saturated desiccant: time to replace

New unsaturated orange desiccant beads - air dryer maintenance

New desiccant

Comco now supplies orange-to-green desiccant beads with all our desiccant air dryers. These beads are a gold-orange color when new and turn to green as they become saturated. Previously, Comco supplied blue-to-pink desiccant beads. These beads are blue when new, and turn to purple and finally pink as they become saturated. Comco no longer supplies.

A convenient package containing 4 desiccant charges is
available for all AD5100 model air dryers. Ask for Comco
part number: ST6104-4.

Why is the membrane air dryer "leaking air" or "hissing"?

In most cases, the hissing sound is an effect of the air dryer removing water vapor, as it is designed to do. It does not mean the air dryer is working improperly.

The hollow fibers of the membrane dryer collect any water present in the air that enters the drying chamber. Most of the dry air is then sent to the blaster. The air dryer holds back a small portion of the dry air and uses it to pull out the moisture soaked up by the membrane fibers. It then sends that moisture-laden air (water vapor) through a purge and into the atmosphere. The vapor passing through the purge causes the light hissing sound.

The air dryer may need to be replaced if a large volume of air seems to be “leaking”; if the volume passing through the purge suddenly increases; or if the hissing sound suddenly grows and remains louder. Use the form below to contact our Technical Support team to inquire further.

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