A new modulator demanded a slight adjustment

In 2008, we released a new design for the modulator in the AccuFlo® that is still in use today. It functions more powerfully and precisely with less wear and tear than previous editions of the modulator. The new modulator seals tighter in the closed position and allows more air to flow through in the open position. The AccuFlo’s modulator lasts up to 5,000 hours of operation, whereas the MicroBlaster’s modulator lasted about 500 hours of operation. All in all, the redesigned modulator makes our blasting technology far more successful at providing a consistent mixture of air and abrasive.
An initial unintended consequence of this modulator efficiency was wear on the threads at the base of the abrasive tank. In 2014, we found that the new modulator was strong enough to occasionally pump air and abrasive around the tank orifice which meant that abrasive particles brushed against tank threads. And as you know, abrasive wears down all that it touches. (This is why we have very few wear-points in our blaster designs.)
Wear on abrasive tank threads; orifice lacked seal

Tank threads damaged by abrasive

Tank orifice with seal for Comco AccuFlo

The tank orifice now comes with a seal to block abrasive

We put a ring on it

To solve the wear issue without losing the benefits of the new modulator, we added a seal around the orifice. This rubber washer blocks abrasive from passing around the orifice and brushing against the tank threads—a small addition that makes our modulator even more effective at consistently mixing air and abrasive.


Beginning Spring 2019, orange seals will be phased out, and all new tank orifices will feature a translucent, colorless seal. This is not a change in shape or size, just in color.

What do you need to do?

Next time abrasive is low:
1. Clean out the abrasive tank.
2. Remove the tank orifice and look for an orange seal. Check for wear.
3. Check the threads at the base of the tank for wear.
Worn out vs. New seal on tank orifice

No Seal?

If your tank orifice lacks a seal ⇒ replace it with a new tank orifice as soon as you can.

Older Unit? 

If your machine was built before 2014 and the tank orifice has yet to be replaced ⇒ please do so as soon as possible.

Wear on tank threads & seal?

If you see wear on the tank orifice, the seal, or on the threads of the abrasive tank ⇒ replace the tank orifice immediately.

While this update to the tank orifice was designed initially for the AccuFlo, it is now true for all of our blasters: from the MicroBlaster® to the PowerFlo®. Since 2014, all tank orifices installed in equipment and sold individually come with the seal. If your blaster model was purchased after 2014, check the seal at least once a year for wear.

Don’t wear it out, though!

Constantly removing and reinstalling a tank orifice wears and tears the seal. If you regularly switch between tank orifice sizes, then pay attention to the state of the seal. If you do not regularly switch, annual- occasional checks should be enough.

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