Protect Your Investment

Comco’s VisionPlus Window Shields extend the life of your workstation’s viewing window by protecting the inside of the glass from damage caused by abrasive ricochet. These shields are designed to fit all Comco workstations, including the ProCenter Plus™.

Optimum Clarity

Adhere flatly, cleanly, and tightly to the workstation glass without providing any distraction to your field of vision.

Replaceable in Seconds

Install in seconds with peel and stick self-adhesive. No need for messy glues, water or squeegees.

Keep New Windows New

Eliminate costly replacement of glass viewing windows. Save time and money while extending the life of your investment.


VisionPlus Window Shields protect workstation glass

VisionPlus Window Shields are available in packages of 3 (part# WS2279-3) or 10 (WS2279-10).

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