Avoid Production Interruption

  • Are you nozzles wearing thin?
  • Do you have enough abrasive?
  • Are your window shields peeling?
Check your stock and make sure to you have extra abrasive, nozzles, window shields and tune-up kits to see you through extended or unplanned breaks due to inclement weather and holiday schedules.
If you need to place an order, contact Customer Service at 1-800-796-6626 or sales@comcoinc.com.

Your 3-Step Winter Closing Prep

Despite best efforts, most of us drop a few details while we scramble to complete projects before year-end.  Unfortunately, these minor missteps can lead to major delays when we factor in winter holiday schedules. Most calls into Tech Support are due to damage following an incorrect shutdown, moisture contamination, and simple wear and tear or easily replaceable parts. So, our team put together a quick but comprehensive guide to help you keep your system running smoothly.

Key Points:

  1. Turn your blaster OFF safely.
  2. Store abrasive correctly.
  3. Have a Tune-Up and Maintenance Kit handy for easy parts replacement.

NOTE: Don’t forget to bookmark the Equipment Troubleshooting Guides on our Support Page.

1. Turn Your Blaster OFF Safely

  1. Turn off your blaster.
  2. Then, disconnect the blaster from the air source.
  3. Completely disconnect the blaster from the air source and the power source.
  4. Unscrew the tank cover and remove all of the abrasive from the tank quickly to prevent moisture contamination.
  5. Transfer the abrasive into a container that seals airtight and store the container in a cool, dry location.
  6. Thoroughly clean the tank and the tank cover to ensure that no abrasive residue lingers.
  7. Thoroughly clean the nozzle for the same reason.

WARNING: If the blaster is ON and the air compressor is OFF; air will push abrasive back through the blaster, damaging critical components. Learn more about abrasive contamination in this post

NOTE: Leave the Abrasive Blend Knob and the Air Pressure Dial at the desired blasting settings when the blaster is OFF.

When You Return:

  1. Connect to the power source.
  2. Then, connect your system to the air compressor or house air and turn ON.
  3. Turn the blaster ON.
  4. Quickly press the footswitch to clear abrasive that may linger in your system.
  5. Turn the blaster OFF and fill the tank with abrasive.
  6. Turn the blaster back ON and begin blasting.

NOTE: Thoroughly clean the tank cover after filling the tank. Abrasive can wear down tank cover threads.

Thoroughly clean the threads before replacing lid. 

2. Store Abrasive Correctly

More than half of all calls into Tech Support are due to moisture or oil contamination. The blaster tank is not an ideal storage location. Abrasive left in the tank for a few days can absorb enough ambient moisture from the environment to clump and clog your blaster.

Abrasive should be stored in a container with an airtight seal and shelved in a cool, dry location. Transfer abrasive quickly between the tank and the storage container to limit exposure to shop air.

If multiple operators use your blaster, share the link to our tech bulletin: “Moisture Issues: The Importance of Clean Dry Air” or print it out and keep it by your Comco equipment.

3. Have a Tune-up Kit Handy

Having back-ups is just being proactive. The most important tool in your blaster arsenal is a Tune-Up or Maintenance Kit and, depending on your Comco blaster, an O-Ring Kit. Compiled by our Engineers, these kits contain replacements for high-wear parts such as hoses, output fittings, o-rings, and connectors.

Scroll down to get the part number for your blaster’s kit, and contact Customer Service at 1-800-796-6626 or sales@comcoinc.com to place an order.

AccuFlo® Tune-Up Kit

The AccuFlo Tune-Up kit provides a back-up one of each of the following wear items:

  1. PowderGate output fitting
  2. PowderGate nose piece
  3. Tank cover O-ring

Use the table below to select the right kit for your blaster.

Interior of the AccuFlo; color-coded for easy maintenance

MicroBlaster® Tune-Up Kit and Maintenance Kits

Click HERE and scroll down to the question, “What is in the MicroBlaster Maintenance Kits” to see a complete listing of contents in the Tank Cover O-Ring Kit and Replacement Parts Kit.

The MB1440 MicroBlaster Tune-Up Kit includes:

  • 5 ST4020 1/4″ ferrules
  • 2 MB1455 hose connectors with Quicknut
  • 2 ST4019 brass nuts with sleeve
  • 25 feet of MB1233 1/4″ abrasive hose
  • 3 feet ST4012 1/4″ nylon tube
  • 1 MB1230-1 nozzle nose
  • 1 MB1301-2 modulator housing assembly
  • 1 ST5022 O-ring
  • 1 ST5624 O-ring
  • Instructions and Comco MicroBlaster® Troubleshooting Guide

NOTE: If you have an older tank cover assembly (MB1068), you also need to purchase the MB1450 MicroBlaster O-Ring Kit.  

Another NOTE: the Dual Tank MicroBlaster requires two Tune-Up Kits.

Interior of the MB1000

DirectFlo™ and PowerFlo® Maintenance Kits

Click HERE and click on the question, “What is in the PowerFlo/DirectFlo maintenance kits?”, to see a complete listing of kits, including the O-Ring kit.

The PF2489 DirectFlo/PowerFlo Tune-Up Kit (for DF1400/ PF2400) includes:

  • 1 PF2040 modulator housing assembly
  • 1 MB1483 QuickNut
  • 1 PF2189-2 PowderGate valve seat assembly
  • 1 MB1653 PowderGate nose
  • 1 ST4014 1/4″ T bulkhead union with MB1483 Quicknuts installed
  • 1 ST4184 3/8″ T x 1/4″ NPT male connector
  • 1 PF2139 O-ring replacement kit
  • 2 MB1455 connectors with Quicknuts
  • 3 ST4209 3/8″ abrasive tube
  • 6 feet of MB1233 1/4″ abrasive hose
  • 8 feet of PF2083 3/8″ abrasive tube
  • Modulator replacement instructions and detailed tune-up kit instructions

DirectFlo nozzle and PowderGate

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