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Comco MicroBlasting Systems are used across industries to texture, deburr, clean, etch and cut a wide variety of materials– even the most delicate.

Comco Applications Lab and sample part testing

What Can MicroBlasting Do?

MicroBlasting is one of the most versatile material removal methods available.

Each process below is driven by four main variables: abrasive size, abrasive type, abrasive quantity, and velocity. Adjust at least one variable, and your MicroBlaster can switch from a tool that deburrs to a tool that textures.

Surface Texturing

Surface Texturing

Enhance the adhesion characteristics of a surface for bonding or modify the surface for cosmetic reasons.

Precision Deburring

Precision Deburring

Remove fine burrs on a wide range of materials from exotic metal alloys to soft polymers.

Selective Cleaning

Selective Cleaning

Remove undesirable substances, thin films or residues from a surface.

Controlled Erosion

Focused Cutting

Etch or cut a few microns at a time to create a feature or pocket in a part surface.

Where it is Used

Comco MicroBlasting systems are in-use across the world. See how the following industries use our technology to improve part surfaces.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Medical Manufacturing


Conformal Coating Removal

What’s different about Comco? Everything.

Get a peek inside the industry’s most advanced MicroBlasting System.



By simply adjusting the blast pressure, abrasive type or nozzle design; a Comco MicroBlaster easily adapts from a tool that cuts vias in silicon wafers into a tool that deburrs the heel of stainless steel needles.



 A micro-abrasive stream is so focused, you can deburr the ID of a capillary tip 25 µ in diameter or texture sections of a basketball-sized part without the need for masking.



MicroBlasting grants you a terrific amount of control over your alteration and removal process.

Become an Expert in MicroBlasting

Setting the Pressure

Setting the Pressure

Blast pressure determines the velocity of the abrasive exiting the nozzle. Set it too low and it may make blasting unnecessarily slow or completely ineffective. Set it too high, and you risk damaging the part. Depending on the type of application, you might blast from...

The Manual System

A Complete Manual MicroBlasting Solution

Process small parts precisely with our manual micro-precision sandblasting system, featuring the AccuFlo® and the ProCenter Plus™. Easy to use and easy to maintain, this turnkey solution is our best deal for a complete manual solution.



Our latest blaster incorporates all the best qualities of our classic MicroBlaster® line with an updated design that delivers a more consistent mixture of air and abrasive, more power, and greater efficiency.


Complete your blasting system with the ProCenter Plus—a workstation and dust collection system combined into a single freestanding unit.
Comco Applications Lab and sample part testing

Automated Systems

Need Higher Throughput?

We know how to automate in a harsh, abrasive environment. Our parts-handling designs reflect our experience working with this unique challenge. Each Comco Automated MicroBlasting system is built from common components but customized for your specific application requirements.

Applications Lab

Is MicroBlasting Right for Your Application?

Many factors contribute to the best process, including the abrasive size and composition, the shape of the nozzle, the air pressure, the blast time and the nozzle position. Our Applications Engineers have the tools on-hand to test different variables, and they have the experience to know where to begin.

All test procedures and results are documented in a full lab report returned to you alongside the tested sample parts for evaluation.

Check out our blog entry “We Take Samples Seriously” to learn more.

Contact a Comco Sales Team Member today to inquire about having your sample parts tested in our Applications Lab.

Comco Applications Lab and sample part testing

Over 50 Years

Dedicated to Evolving and Improving MicroBlasting Technology

Since the first award-winning Comco MicroBlaster® hit the market in 1968, we have continued to innovate and refine each and every component of our MicroBlasting systems. Every unit is built with our customers’ success in mind and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

Comco Inc. facilities 50 years ago; original MicroBlasting system
Comco Inc. production and offices in Burbank, CA

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