Whether you’ve just set up your new Comco AccuFlo microblasting system or you’re the new person responsible for blasting, you probably have questions. In this micro-lesson in MicroBlasting, Comco’s applications engineer and technical support expert, Rob Berkuta, walks you through some of the most common questions new users have regarding getting started with the equipment.

What to Expect from this Micro-Lesson:

  • The right way to hook up your AccuFlo and what happens when you turn it on

  • Two different methods for controlling abrasive flow

  • A quick tutorial on changing abrasive

  • Identify fuse locations on your AccuFlo and ProCenter Plus

Dig Deeper

Rectangular Nozzle -spot size - blast pattern

Spot size

How far should you hold the nozzle from the part? Continue reading 
The tank orifice is located at the bottom of the abrasive tank on your Comco blaster.

What size Tank Orifice should I use?

The size of the tank orifice really impacts your blaster’s efficiency. Here’s a quick guide to help you select the right size tank orifice for your Comco blaster.  . Continue reading
Multiple applications can be performed by the same AccuFlo. Pictured here are PEEK deburring, titanium deburring, wire stripping and bone screw texturing.

Second Applications

Many of our customers buy a MicroBlaster for a single application and find it to be indispensable. However, a common fear for job-shops and contract manufacturers is that the contract they bought a new piece of equipment for will only be used for one job… Continue reading →
Troubleshooting and maintenance FAQ for Comco abrasives

Abrasive Media Guide

If you aren’t sure which abrasive to use for your application, check out this guide. Continue reading
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