MicroBlasting for Production Environments

When a manual MicroBlasting system cannot provide the output or meet your tolerance requirements; Comco’s automated systems deliver all the benefits of a manual system with greater precision and efficiency. Both the Advanced Lathe and the JetCenter are designed for the steady processing of precision parts. Each automated system is customizable from a proven platform and delivered as a turnkey solution.

Philosophy Behind Our Design

The abrasive environment creates a unique challenge for parts-handling. Very fine abrasive media traveling at a high velocity affects all that it touches, including your blast system’s interior. The key points behind our design philosophy:

  • Keep abrasive away from motion components and other sensitive components.
  • Use both gravity and airflow to move abrasive out of the blast chamber as quickly as possible.
  • Make wear points as durable as possible and easily replaceable.
  • Keep the abrasive focused on the part to avoid overspray and the wear and waste associated with it.

MicroBlasting uses very hard and very fine media–as hard as diamonds and as fine as moondust. Most off-the-shelf systems are designed for bigger particles at slower speeds, so these systems may not be abrasive-resistant to MicroBlasting media. We have over 50 years’ experience designing and producing rugged blasting equipment ready for these unique circumstances.

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LA3250 Comco Automated MicroBlasting System with multiple AccuFlo micro-precision sandblasters

Up to 4 Axes of Motion

Comco Automated MicroBlasting system cleaning pacemaker
Multi-nozzle Comco Automated MicroBlasting system processing thin film for load cell
Comco Automated MicroBlasting system serializing lenses

Multiple Spindles

Traveling spindle in Comco LA4250 JetCenter Automated MicroBlasting System
Dual spindle Comco Automated MicroBlasting system texturing dental implants
5 spindle Comco Automated MicroBlasting System processing bone screws

Blast Heads

6-nozzle blast head on Comco Automated Microblasting System
Multi-nozzle blast head on Comco Automated MicroBlasting System
5-nozzle blast head on Comco Automated MicroBlasting System

Precision and Repeatability

MicroBlasting delivers precision and control, making it ideal for processing intricate geometries, delicate materials, and small parts that must meet strict industry standards.

How do we define precision and control?

  • controlled erosion to 70 nm
  • tolerances as tight as ±0.5 µ
  • delineation with a transition zone of less than 0.007”
  • a consistent surface finish to a specific Ra (5-150 µin) with a standard deviation of less than 5.0 µin

How do we achieve precision and control?

  • very fine abrasive (17.5 – 350µ) carefully sized and free of impurities
  • small nozzles (0.018″ – 0.12″) with rugged interiors
  • angled, extended and custom-designed nozzles
  • custom blast heads and tooling
  • consistent abrasive and air feed

Both Comco automated systems deliver expected and uniform results with every pass—be it on a single part design or a family of different parts.

Comco Automated MicroBlasting System processing thin film for load cells
User Interface on Comco Automated MicroBlasting System

Simple Operation Without Compromise

Comco’s User Interface (UI) adapts a precision parts-handling system to a MicroBlasting environment. The operator interface fosters a straightforward workflow, and the engineering interface enables multiple programs to be created remotely for use across multiple machines. Capabilities of the User Interface include:

Smart Tooling

  • Coordinates the blast program with the required part tooling and blast head
  • Facilitates proper configuration before start-up through a series of clearly mapped, color-coded system checks
  • Clearly notifies and instructs operator in the event of an error


  • Identification protocol supports up to 15 different blast head designs and 127 different part tools
  • Text messages can be edited to suit each application and translated into a local language


  • Separate interfaces for operation and engineering
  • Password-protected engineering interface that gives the engineer complete control over the system

The Advanced Lathe

LA3250 Advanced Lathe Requirements
Compressed air for LA3250 100 to 125 PSIG (6.9 to 8.6 Bars), 3 SCFM (85SLM) of clean, dry shop air
*Compressed air for PowerFlo® model PF2400 90 to 140 PSIG (6.2 to 9.7 Bars), 10-12 SCFM typical (283-340 SLM)
Dried to -25°F dew point and oil content filtered to <10ppm
*The compressed air required will vary depending on the number and type of blasters used. The PowerFlo model PF2400 requirement is shown as a reference only.
Dust Collection 1,000 SCFM (28,000 SLM)
Electrical 115V 60Hz, 400 Watts
230V 50Hz, 400 Watts
Dimensions 48” wide x 30” deep x 68” tall
122 cm wide x 76 cm deep x 173 cm tall

The JetCenter

JetCenter Requirements
Air supply for JetCenter 100 to 125 PSIG (6.9 to 8.6 Bars), 3 SCFM (85 SLM) of clean, dry shop air
*Air supply for AccuFlo, model AF10 70‐145 PSI (4.8 – 10 bar), 0.2 – 4.6 SCFM (94‐2170 cm3/sec)
Dried to ‐25°F (‐32°C) and oil content filtered to 10 ppm
*The compressed air required will vary depending on the number and type of blasters used. The AccuFlo model AF10 requirement is shown as a reference only.
Dust Collection 1,000 SCFM (28,000 SLM)
Electrical Supply 115V 60Hz, 400 Watts
230V 50Hz, 400 Watts
Dimensions 53” wide x 53” deep x 70” tall
135 cm wide x 135 cm deep x 178 cm tall

The AutoFill

Never stop to refill your tank again. Comco’s AutoFill is an add-on module for a tall tank AccuFlo that will automatically refill the tank with abrasive. It monitors the amount of abrasive in a blaster’s tank. When the abrasive is low, AutoFill replenishes the tank with no operator involvement.

Nozzle Alignment Laser

Comco developed the Nozzle Alignment Laser to make fixturing applications easier.

When attached to the back of any Comco nozzle, the Nozzle Alignment Laser places a dot on the surface of the targeted part where the abrasive will strike. Once alignment is set, simply remove the Nozzle Alignment Laser and attach the abrasive hose.

Peace of Mind


  • With the purchase of an Automated MicroBlasting System, Comco engineers will not only build the system but also develop the process and application.
  • Each Automated System includes tooling and blast heads specifically designed for your parts.


  • All Automated Systems are checked for accuracy to meet Comco’s strict quality control.
  • Each System is calibrated to a common home position.
  • Programs can migrate from one lathe to the next, and each System can provide the same results.


Comco stands behind each system that we deliver. Our Technical Support team is available every weekday to help you troubleshoot an error message or develop a blasting program for a new part. We know that while MicroBlasting is just a small step in your manufacturing process, keeping your system running smoothly improves every other aspect.

All Comco Automated MicroBlasting Systems are designed and built in Burbank, CA.
Comco Applications Lab for sample testing

Let Us Prove It

Comco’s Engineers have the expertise and complete test facilities in our Applications Lab to develop custom processes for your application. From abrasive selection to tooling and blast heads, our Engineers work with your team to discover the best MicroBlasting solution for your application.

One of the major benefits of MicroBlasting is its versatility. Our systems are in use across a wide-range of industries and with a wide variety of applications. Our Sales Team have the knowledge and experience from years working across industries to assist you with every step, whether you are putting together your first system or updating an old system for a new application.

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