Sometimes the Little Things Make a Big Difference

Twenty or thirty years ago you couldn’t buy a car with a rearview camera. Now it’s hard to imagine buying a car without one. Though it’s probably not the first reason you pick a certain make or model, you can appreciate how it improves your driving experience. Your blaster’s handpiece is like that camera; it’s a new technology designed to improve your blasting experience.

What’s the big difference?

First, let’s look at the parts of each handpiece.

The MicroBlaster consists of a nozzle, nose and handpiece tube; the ComfortGrip handpiece consists of the nozzle and handpiece tube
We changed the way the nozzle connects to the abrasive tube, eliminating the need for a nose piece, a wear item.  The nozzle connects directly to the blue abrasive tube.  Assembly is easier becasue there is a ferule built into the ComfortGrip handpiece.  As you tighten the handpiece against the nozzle, the ferule keeps the hose from spinning as it squeezes the abrasive hose and nozzle securely.

What about the shape?

The ComfortGrip handpiece is wider than the MicroBlaster handpiece making it more pleasant to hold
The wider handpiece fits more comfortably in your hand. The contoured rubber grip is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue.

How do you improve dexterity?

The ComfortGrip handpiece pivots at the nozzle; the MicroBlaster handpiece pivots at the end of the handpiece tube
The abrasive hose has a little wiggle room inside the ComfortGrip handpiece.  This allows the operator to easily adjust the nozzle angle since it pivots from the nozzle rather than the back of the handpiece.


Why does the nozzle look different?

We also redesigned the nozzle from the inside out. A carbide tube from end to end improves wear resistance.  It’s also aerodynamically shaped to reduce turbulence, also improving durability. In addition to making a better handpiece, it also integrates more easily into fixtured and automated settings.

The AccuFlo and MicroBlaster nozzles

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