Quality and Performance

An integral part of any micro-abrasive blasting system, nozzles provide focus and acceleration to the abrasive stream generated by the blaster. The superior quality of Comco nozzles guarantees the highest level of repeatability with every blast.

ComfortGrip Handpiece with Hi/Performance nozzle for micro-precision sandblasting
ComfortGrip handpiece and Hi/Performance nozzle design

Designed Well, Constructed Better

A quality nozzle starts with a great design and follows with a solid construction using the best materials. To provide you with the best performance, each Comco nozzle is manufactured from high-grade tungsten carbide. We found this material provides the best value for the abrasive environment.

All of Comco’s nozzles are color-coded for easy identification and optimal efficiency.

Hi/Performance Nozzles Do More

All of Comco’s nozzles are specifically designed for MicroBlasting, but the Hi/Performance nozzle is designed to do more. A properly-accelerated stream is invisible due to velocity, and most MicroBlasting applications require precise and consistent flow. Therefore, a nozzle’s quality cannot be judged on its outward appearance. It must be gauged on the results it delivers. Our engineers designed the Hi/Performance nozzle interior to deliver:

More Life

Hi/Performance nozzles have 3-5x the life of standard nozzles. Any turbulence within the nozzle will significantly decrease the nozzle’s life. Since the nozzle is the center of this acceleration process, our engineers design nozzles to handle abrasive carefully and provide a smooth transition for the abrasive at its entry and exit points.

More Focus

Abrasive particles must travel fast and straight in order to be effective. The design of the Hi/Performance nozzle reduces overspray by 30%. Proper focus increases the efficiency of the abrasive, ensuring every particle strikes the targeted area.

More Velocity

The internal geometry of the Hi/Performance nozzle speeds up particle velocities by 30%. Higher velocities remove more material faster.

Hi/Performance nozzles are available for the MicroBlaster and AccuFlo (ComfortGrip) handpieces.

A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Comco provides a wide range of nozzle shapes and sizes to suit almost any application:

  • The Straight, Round Nozzle with openings ranging from 0.015″ to 0.060″ works best for most applications.
  • The Rectangular Nozzle creates a wide sweep or cuts precisely.
  • Large Nozzles accommodate the increased powder flow of production blasters and funnel it in precise, controlled streams. Large nozzles are generally 0.060″ to 0.125″ in diameter and fit Comco’s PowerFlo and DirectFlo blasters.
  • The Ring Nozzle focuses multiple streams of abrasive to more effectively process wire applications.
  • Comco develops Custom Nozzles for special applications.
  • Angled and Extended Nozzles direct the abrasive stream into hard-to-reach areas.
Comco MicroBlasting nozzles

Optimized for Manual and Automation

Many MicroBlasting applications start out as a manual process, but as production volumes grow, automation becomes a necessity. Comco blasters are ideal for both environments. Nozzle fixturing is a critical part of this transition, and Comco’s nozzles and accessories are designed to ease this transition.

ComfortGrip® Handpiece for Manual Systems

In a manual configuration, the handpiece is a key component of the system. It must offer the operator comfort and precision. Comco’s ComfortGrip handpiece has an ergonomic shape and textured surface to improve comfort. It flexes easily with the hose, allowing an operator to make precise motions. The ComfortGrip handpiece is designed exclusively for use with our line of AccuFlo nozzles.

Fixturing for Automation

All of Comco’s nozzles can be easily fixtured for automation and simply aligned with the assistance of Comco’s precision machined nozzle holder.  Our engineers provide detailed drawings and examples of the fixturing process with every system purchase.

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