What is the abrasive blend knob?

The abrasive blend knob can be a bit of a mystery. What’s the right setting? How far can I turn it clockwise? Will opening it create a richer abrasive stream? Every blaster is configured to a specification. This means the tank orifice, the nozzle, and the blast pressure have been carefully selected for the application. When the abrasive blend valve is fully closed, which happens when the knob is in the max position, leave it there! This position allows the most abrasive to flow through your blaster. The richness of the abrasive stream is ultimately determined by the tank orifice, where the abrasive enters the air stream. Watch the video to learn more!

Need a Calibration Cap?

If several operators alternate use of your blaster, and you see a difference in abrasive flow between users, then a calibration cap is a good idea. A calibration cap locks this knob into the maximum position and reduces variability operator to operator. Contact Customer Service at sales@comcocinc.com or 1-818-841-5500 to place an order.

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5 ways to break your blaster

5 Ways to Break your Blaster

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Old tank orifice vs. new tank orifice with seal

Maintenance Tip: Check the seal on the tank orifice!

In 2008, we released a new design for the modulator in the AccuFlo® that is still in use today. It functions more powerfully and precisely with less wear and tear than previous editions of the modulator.  Continue Reading →
The AccuFlo features a larger abrasive tank with a clear cover.

How to Change Abrasive in a Comco Blaster

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Pedal pumping an AccuFlo or MicroBlaster is damaging and inefficient.

Fight the Urge to Pedal Pump

Pedal pumping refers to the rapid pressing and releasing of a micro-abrasive blaster’s footswitch. It quickly starts and stops the abrasive stream, eliciting blasting intervals that last 2-4 seconds. Continue Reading →
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Questions about Blaster Maintenance?

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